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8 Responses to Events

  1. Christine Maxwell says:

    What a wonderful idea, I hope to possibly become more involved!

  2. norrms says:

    New comment about Silent Voices, thank you Jackie

    FABULOUS,have read some of the poems and they touch me deeply,your stories well, they are so real that I see the whole scene, thank you for letting me follow your journey and understand Vinnie’s, Jaquiline xx

  3. Hi there!
    Love this concept. Any chance you would want to contribute to the blog about this project?

  4. Cheryl says:

    How could I get a group started in Atlanta? Do they have one in Atlanta? I am wondering if I could go into a local restaurant/cafe and see if they would be willing to host something like this. I work at a Reminiscence Unit in a ALF, I think some of the families would be interested in this for their loved ones. They could have interactions with other people. It would be good for the residents to go out on an occasion.

    Lori, I believe we have a friend in common. Do you know Christine Rozman from Atlanta? You might know her as Rozzi.

    Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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