Thank You Jim and Dorthy Nelson

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Arthur’s Memory Cafe members and facilitators are so grateful to Jim and Dorothy Nelson the owners of ACR Homes.  They joined forces with Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks in 2011, to start the first Memory Café in the United States and have remained strong partners ever since.  Arthur’s Memory Café was a spark which helped light the fire in the U.S. to expand the concept which was freely given to La Bey from the United Kingdom.

Without the Nelsons commitment to improve life for those diagnosed with dementia and their Care Partners, the café could have easily lost its spark.  The beautiful environment to hold meetings, additional facilitators, entertainment, treats and more would have vanished without Jim and Dorothy’s vision to help those in need.

Although ACR Homes will now use J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop exclusively for their business as of May 1st, 2017, they continue their commitment to host and fully support Arthur’s Memory Café allowing our families to continue to thrive.

“THANK YOU” doesn’t seem enough, but when multiplied by the number of lives the Nelsons and ARC Homes have touched it’s no longer a single voice of gratitude but a choir sung by a community in need who appreciations their gracious mission care and improve lives.

So from all at Arthur’s Memory Café we say with a full grateful heart “Thank You Jim and Dorothy Nelson!”



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