Arthur’s Memory Cafe – Creating An Impact

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Here is just one of many stories we hear about our memory cafe. This one is from a daughter whose father has dementia.

Beth’s Story About Arthur’s Memory Cafe

My parents went to the Memory Cafe this week. My dad was reluctant, but said he’d try it because my mom really wanted to go. After, they got in the car and he said he really enjoyed himself and she told him that she did, too. Yesterday, I took him to lunch with a friend from high school. Out of the blue, he told my friend that he has alzheimers and then told her about the memory cafe and how much he liked it. I felt the type of pride I usually have for my kids, but it was for my dad! I have never heard him talk about it!!! I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me on that article!!!

This Story Just Makes Me Smile!

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