Exposed – True Value Of Memory Cafes

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Exposed – True Value Of Memory CafesClick above to go to full story

St Paul Pioneer Press Reporter Sarah Horner and Photo Journalist Jean Pieri capture the essence of the Memory Cafe Concept and why they are so powerful.   Below is just a snippet of the article.  Please click on the above graphic for the full article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.  You might be surprised who all is dealing with this disease in silence.

Meetings with Memory Cafe members are a new highlight in the couple’s altered life back in Minnesota.

“It’s not what we were imagining, but it’s where we are,” George Seiler said of himself and his 70-year-old wife. “We need activity like this, and it’s surprisingly hard to find. … Annie opens up around people. It’s good for her. It’s good for both of us.”  CLICK HERE for the full article and how you can find out about three different Memory Cafes in the Roseville and Maplewood areas.

For more information on the Memory Cafes around the world and in your neighborhood, check out Alzheimer’s Speaks page with mentors and more so you can get your own Memory Cafe up and running.


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