Memory Cafe’s Are Powerful, Listen to Those That Attend

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John Gross, Photo Journalist for KSTP

Captures Our Essence

Click on the picture above to watch this video

Members speak honestly as to why these gatherings

are not your everyday “support group.”

I would like to thank Arthur’s Memory Cafe members for being so kind to share their personal thoughts with us. I believe their honesty will help remove the fear of diagnosis and engagement. Each of them was amazing in their own way.

Thank you –

Ollie and Dixielee, George and Annie, John and Virgina and Bill.

Kudos for raising awareness!

For more information on Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafe’s please visit Alzheimer’s Speaks web page which will not only give you general information, but resource tools. In addition, you will find Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafe Mentors! These are individuals around the world that would love to talk to you and answer your questions as to starting one up or shifting needs of your existing group. One Mentors, Debora Tingley, the founder of the Memory Café Catalyst will even provide you a FREE web page for your own Memory Cafe!

If you live in Minnesota and are in the Twin Cities area we would love for you to join us at Arthur’s Memory Cafe. We meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays each month from 1-3pm. Feel free to contact us!

We meet at Arthur’s Coffee Shop –

2441 Rice Street Roseville, MN 55113 Coffee Shop

(651) 294-4782

Contact Sarah Abbott with Arthur’s Memory Cafe at

651-339-4266 wk or 612-567-0096 cell

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